Hi, I’m Djenebou!

I am so happy you’ve found me on this little corner of the internet.

(Not that I was missing or anything, but I’m sure you get the point 😉 !)

Well… Where should I start?

I am the mom of a beautiful little boy and just like you,

I love the happiness motherhood brings in my life.

But being a parent, on top of having a career, keeping up with the house chores, the cooking, maintaining

healthy relationships and other social obligations can feel impossible or overwhelming at best…

Can you relate? 

To be completely honest with you, I used to “wing it” on a daily basis…

I didn’t know why I had so little control over my time.

My house was turning into a prehistorical cave a little bit more every day.

Making dinner was a stressful event for me…

Until I realized I couldn’t take it anymore.

I needed to become more organized,

Because I was tired of “surviving”. I wanted to Thrive.

And so, this is how Welsys Avenue came to life.

I wanted to help overwhelmed and busy moms find easy, helpful and realistic advice to their everyday challenges. Whether it be with the cooking, the organizing, time management or even work-life balance.

Moms have a lot to deal with and sometimes, having a friend sharing this journey with you can be life changing.

So let me be that friend, and let’s start this journey!



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Thank you for stopping by

Djenebou ♥