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Do you struggle to clean your home every week? Prepare healthy meals for dinner? And follow a weekly schedule? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, let these 10 homemaking tips for moms prove you it can be done. 

Perfecting your homemaking skills is a journey that will take some time. 

And in every great journey, it is better to focus on how we get there, and not when we’ll reach our destination.

This is why, in the efforts of giving you the most useful tips for moms, I needed to focus on different areas. 


Here’s the list of my 10 homemaking tips for moms:

1. Don’t give up on yourself.

2. Make the most of your day.

3. Create a weekly system for chores. 

4. Start your organization journey. 

5. Learn from the best.

6. Stick to an efficient cleaning routine. 

7. Master 10 dishes for meal planning. 

8. Shop consciously for your home. 

9. Have your family participate.

10. Take a much-deserved break.


1. Don’t give up. 

“Anything that’s worth doing is worth doing badly until you get it right” – Les Brown. I love this quote because it sums up the process of everything we learn in life. 

When your kid tried to walk for the first time and fell, did he/she stop? No! They tried and fail, and tried some more until they could place a foot in front of the other. And today, it is just a mechanism.

It’s the same thing for everything you learn in life. In this case, you will have to learn the steps that make your house a home. 

So don’t give up if that recipe you tried for the first time didn’t come out right, or if your home looks messy at the moment. 

You will get better and you will get there. Just now that we all start somewhere. 

And it isn’t where you come from that matters but where you’re heading to. 


2. Make the most of your day. 

In a previous article, I’ve talked about the importance of having some control over your time. Because many moms feel overwhelmed when it comes to accomplishing house chores.

And this is because they’re asking themselves the wrong question:

How can I find time to clean my home, make dinner and finish a load of laundry? But the question they should ask themselves is: 

How do I create time to do all of these things? 

When you choose the word create, you already know it can be done. But that isn’t the case with the word find, sometimes you’re looking for something and you can’t find it. 

It’s all about the mindset you choose to roll with. 

To make the most out of your day, you need to look at what a typical day looks like for you. Eliminate unnecessary tasks and activities and replace them with your house chores. 

You can read all about this process in this post here: 

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3. Create a weekly system for chores 

Every homemaker knows that specific chores need to happen on specific days. So I thought it would be great to show you what my week looks like and give you an idea of what’s possible.

Sunday: Dedicated to grocery shopping, meal prep, and going through my mail

Monday: I cook some of the meals for that week and track my spending (finances)

Tuesday: Pamper day and trying new ways to organize my life

Wednesday: FREE DAY 🙂

Thursday: Religious study

Friday: Meal planning for the following week

Saturday: Clean the house

When you create a weekly schedule to accomplish your chores. It makes it easier to remember what needs to be done each day.

It cuts the time you spend wandering in your home and helps you create a workflow you’ll feel comfortable with.


4. Start your “organization journey”

If you read between the lines, we’ve established that being organized makes you a better homemaker and mother. And if you haven’t started yet, you may be wondering where you should start.

Because where you start is very important.

And if you begin your journey with the wrong information or the wrong mindset, you will give up altogether and live a life full of frustrations and thoughts telling you it can’t be done.

That’s why I created a FREE Guide on Organization for moms who want answers to their questions and real solutions they can apply to their lifestyle.

  • What is Organization
  • What it isn’t
  • How do you get started
  • How to keep your home clean
  • I even have a FAQ section

So go ahead and check these two articles to get started.

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5. Learn from the best

Many things we learn in life come from our own experiences. But the rest is taught to us by experts, elders, and people who went through a similar situation before us.

That’s why it is important to learn from others and experts. Because they allow us to skip many trials and errors and bring us closer to the level of knowledge and expertise we want to get to.

By following the proven strategies from an expert in homemaking or someone more advanced, you are saving yourself from trying time management techniques that aren’t working, meal planning strategies that aren’t doing much for you and saving your sanity.

Nowadays, there are many resources out there to helps us become better homemakers. Among them, you have:

  • Books 
  • Famous and successful people 
  • Youtube videos
  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Magazines 
  • And even your mom

So pick one or two and get started! 


6. Stick to an efficient cleaning routine

Cleaning is another important task to improve your homemaking skills. But as we all know, the cleaning itself isn’t the hard part. It is getting started and remaining consistent every week that most moms struggle with.

Unfortunately, this is what it takes to have a clean home and a safe environment for your family. Cleaning is a little like trying to make your children eat brussels sprouts.

It’s good for them, but they don’t like it. So what do you do? You make it fun, add some cheese, or change their shapes.

Same for your cleaning routine.

Create an ambiance that makes you look forward to cleaning your home. With a podcast, audible or even by listening to a stand-up comedy on Youtube.

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7. Master 10 dishes for meal planning

One of the things that have helped me tremendously was to learn to master 10 recipes.

By doing so, my meal planning became easier. When you learn to make a handful of dishes and master them, it saves you a ton of time in the end.

Because you don’t have to look at the recipe instructions every 2 minutes.

You know the recipe by heart so it’s very likely to turn out great every time.

And it also allows you to create weekly menus easily instead of coming up with new recipes. You could create meal planning menus for each week of the month and rotate (weeks 1, 2, 3, 4).

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8. Shop consciously for your home

We all love shopping (or at least I know I do). However, to manage your finances like a boss, you need to save money by budgeting and shopping smart.

Make the most of your money when you shop for groceries, pricey items, and vacations. Terms like bargains, sales and negotiating need to become your best friends.

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9. Have your family participate 

Most of us mommies try to do it all and fail. And we think the reason we keep failing is that we haven’t discovered “the secret” that will get us there.

A mom’s best weapon is Organization combined with discipline.

But even with that, there isn’t enough time to do it all. The reason we keep failing is that we don’t ask for help from our husbands, children and even friends.

We are afraid asking for help means not being “good enough”. And this same fear is making us feel miserable a little more every day.

House chores aren’t only your duty. It has to be a collective effort where everybody chips in. 


10. Take a much-deserved break.

After a long day of work, taking care of your kids or going through your cleaning checklist, you need to press the reset button.

Pick a day of the week where you can do absolutely nothing or something you truly enjoy doing.

You work hard every week. And it is reasonable to say you deserve a break once in a while. By giving yourself some free time, you are keeping yourself from burnout and exhaustion.

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tips for moms



Becoming a better homemaker is a goal many moms have in common. And in reality, it is a goal we can all achieve.

But it takes work, perseverance and following these tips for moms.

For many years, I followed the path of least resistance, and it brought me nowhere.

I wasn’t happy, didn’t feel successful and worst than all, I’ve felt ashamed for all the things I felt a mom should do that I wasn’t doing.

But here I am today sharing my little experience with you hoping you will make the same decision I made when I knew it was time to stop “winging it”.



Which one(s) of these homemaking tips for moms would you like to implement?


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